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Debate on Christian sites over Islam (1) – Burning People, The Moon God, Are Muslims Bad? Fighting in Islam, Was propagated by sword?..


The following are some of my comments and replies on Christian sites on subjects related to Islam and Muslims.


Burning People in Islam!!

Dear Sister,

You said:  {A goodness it does not actually have} and see things from the perspective of Islams victims, Such as oh, say all the men women and children who have been burned alive , Because the Qur’an favors burning people to peace {A fact which I can prove from the Qur’an its self if you care to know}

I want you to challenge you and please show me where it’s mentioned in Quran that it favors to burn people and women and children!!

But I want to bet on this, if I show you that you are mistaken, DO you accept Islam and become a muslim? Do you have the courage enough to accept my challenge?
Waiting your answer.

A- No Reply..

Moon God and killing People !!

Dear Mr.,

You said: [Dedication of the human sacrifice to the Moon God “Then the man pulled out a long knife and cut off Bigley’s head with the help of a group of masked men who shouted, “God is great!” in Arabic. This is actually incorrect. They shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ which means ‘Allah is the Greatest’.]

Please, tell me which movie you are watching, it’s NOT Tuesday horror night on Cable TV, it’s Saturday night unless you are have something else.
Mr., when you want to buy a new car, you would go and ask a specialist, right? and you’ll take it to a mechanic to check it first, right ?
So, why when you want to save your soul from hell fire, you go and take your information from a movie channel.

If you want to understand real Islam, please go to nearest Islamic center, and search for a good scholar well educated Muslim, sit in front of him, then ask him: Teach me about Islam, tell me about your religion? Ask him whatever you want? And believe me he will answer you on everything, and don’t be afraid no muslim will harm you ever…


Are Muslims really bad ?!

You expect that when you stand up on front of Mighty God on the Day of Judgment, and answering him about why you didn’t become a Muslim? that because some of Muslims are terrorists , you think he will forgive you because of such stupid answer !!

My friend, go out from your house now and go to the nearest Islamic center in your town or city, or meet any Muslim walking on the street and ask him or her, do you accept such actions by Muslims, they'll answer you all the same: This is not ISLAM !!!

I will give you an answer that hope it will satisfy you, that prophet Muhammad prophesized that some of (who were been) Muslims will appear (called Khwarej in Arabic) every 100 years, and they will kill innocent people falsely in the name of Islam, and they will kill Muslims much more than others, and those will go to hell fire and they are all dammed even if they are reading Quran themselves, and guess what their first group did when they appeared in first century of Islam?

They killed ALI, one of the most closed companion to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his cousin and his daughter husband, do you imagine that!!

So my friend, be reasonable and go to nearest Islamic center and choose a good Muslim Scholar and ask him to teach you about real Islam, hope you will save yourself.

I ask Almighty God, the lord of all heavens and Earths, the God of Mosses, Jesus and Muhammad to guide you and clear your eyes and purify your heart from hatred and guide you the right path. AMEN.

Fighting in Islam

I think you hate Islam so much, that you don’t want to use your mind and stop cursing, but no problem we Muslims used of such actions from un-believers since 1400 years…

Thanks for collecting all verses about fighting in Islam, GOOD job, you saved me a lot of time, I will copy and paste them in one document and use it sometimes if I need to do some research about this subject.

One question, just compare this law of fighting with what is mentioned in Old testament, there it’s mentioned to kill all Palestinians, including children, women, elders, men of course, with their cows and sheep too and cut their trees and farms, and keep the young girls who didn’t know a man for the Israelis,  please find me someone thing similar in Quran and I will send you a gift !!!

To explain it to you in very simple way, ISLAM is like a Sun shining with huge number of colors, with all ranges, if you look in one color and keep focusing on it you will see all Islam from this point of view only, as example as following:

  • If you read the few versus of fighting that you’ve mentioned above, you think that all Islam is related to fighting, but these versus are used only on battle field and to motivate the Muslims to defend themselves, imagine when 10,000 un-believers surrounded 3,000 Muslims in small city like Madina, half of them are women and children for a month with no water or food, what Quran shall say to them go and hug and kiss your enemies or stand and fight.
  • Similar to versus of mercy, or kindness, or family treatment, or worshipping Allah or versus of heaven and hell, all you have to look on them as whole picture.
I ask Almighty God, the lord of all heavens and Earths, the God of Mosses, Jesus and Muhammad to guide you and clear your eyes and purify your heart from hatred and guide you the right path. AMEN.

Take care,

And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed, all of them together. So, will you (O Muhammad SAW) then compel mankind, until they become believers. (99) It is not for any person to believe, except by the Leave of Allâh, and He will put the wrath on those who are heedless. Yunus – 99,100

Was Islam propagated by sword !!

You still insist that our religion is to kill unbelievers; I will prove it for you it’s totally UNTRUE:
  • In first battle when Muslims captured 70 of infidels in Badr, what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered the prisoners so they will be released, imagine what??? Each one teaches 10 of Muslims children to read and write will be released for free, please search in all humanity history, did you ever heard about such offer !!!..
  • In Battle of Mecca, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entered victoriously with 10,000 armed soldiers, what he said to the un-believers of Mecca: enter your homes and you will be safe, and when he gathered 2,000 armed men what did he say to them? GO you are all free !!! Those 2,000 who tortured him and his followers for 21 years and stole all their houses and stuff in Mecca, including his house that they sold it so he didn’t enter on it even, and he said: “they didn’t left us a home anymore” and because of that he returned to Madina, imagine that, he didn’t even take his house back !!
  • When Prophet tried hardly to invite people to Islam, What Almighty God Spoke to him in Quran:“And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed, all of them together. So, will you (O Muhammad SAW) then compel mankind, until they become believers!!!. (99) It is not for any person to believe, except by the Leave of Allâh, and He will put the wrath on those who are heedless”. [Yunus – 99,100] 
What the meaning of this?? Means O Muhammad, don’t force anyone to Islam, you just have to convey the message only, the acceptance is from GOD only.

  • When Abu Baker started to send armies to Syria, Jordon, Iraq what he said to Muslim soldiers: “Don’t kill a child or woman or elder, don’t cut a tree, don’t destroy a house, fight who fight you only, you will pass on people praying in their temples and churches, LEAVE them with their prayers and don’t touch them. Call all people to the new message of ALLAH very peacefully”.
If you want more proofs:

  • Still 20 millions of Arabs are Christians living in most of Arab countries, imagine that since 1400 years, why nobody force them to become Muslims till now, because it’s their choice !! 
  • When Muslims ruled India for 600 years before British, why they are still minority there less than 10% of 1 billion Indian, because it’s their choice and there is NO compulsion in Islam.  
  • Millions of Muslims in West Africa, East Africa and Indonesia (220 million Muslims), and there is not even a one Muslim soldier went there, how they become Muslims?? By Muslim traders, they saw their good behavior and become all Muslims…

Please, don’t take the extremists case as principle for you, go and search from the source itself,
I ask O mighty God to guide you and enlighten your mind. AMEN.

Islam conquered the world by..

Claim: that Islam conquered the world by killing millions of Africans and Asians people?

My friend, are you sure about these numbers? Because you seem really exaggerating with some zero’s..

I myself went to many African countries, I saw most of the nations are black and African and all are muslims, and almost there are no Arab there except who work in embassies and few working in business.

While in America, there were millions of Red Indians there, and now you see them only in historical movies of Hollywood.

Islam is not decreasing

Dear sister,
Please, go to youtube and search for “Growth of Islam”, watch it but don’t panic, advise you not to eat before watching it.


Muslims and Crusades

Dear Sister,
I preferred that you warned me as I warned you (NOT TO EAT before) but you didn’t, is this kind of night time story that you read, I will not be surprised if you see too much nightmares.

I will quote some of the article that you showed me:

1st quotation:

[The Christian soldiers started to cannibalize Muslim Men, Women and Children. Men and Women were boiled then eaten.
In a letter to the Pope one of the Crusader commanders, Radulph of Caen wrote: "In Ma'arra our troops boiled pagan adults alive in cooking-pots; they impaled Muslims on spits and devoured them grilled."]

  • No comments..

2nd quotation:

[With his evil genius, Saladin, had made the Christians leave their fortified positions in Jerusalem, made them march in the hot and dry summer with no recourse to water]

What a pity!! Not because they were stupid and God wanted to punish them for their crimes, Saladin would rather invite them to barbeque dinner over a wonderful view of the desert, with drinks and nice music, and after that he would ask them: Do you want to fight tomorrow or after tomorrow? It’s at your convenient??

3rd Quotation:

[All the Crusader prisoners were transported to Mecca and, to the great joy of the Mohammedans, the prisoners were put to death at Mecca.]

This is a proof that who wrote this article is not scientific, he doesn’t know that killing in Mecca is prohibited, and all sheep\cow\ chicken are slaughtered outside this holy city. Even if you cross by your car over a cat or a bird accidently in Mecca, you have to pay the same price of such animal and give it to the poor.

Do you believe that they will take tens of thousands of prisoners 2,000 KM in the desert and feed them all the road to Mecca to kill them in Mecca !!!

Come on sister open your mind and go and search for correct resources, and don’t read such stories before your sleep.


Dear Sister,

I understand your thinking and your detestation, but believe me we muslims suffered from the terrorists more than any other nation in the world, you can review ,if you have time, the stories of “AL-KHAWARJ” or what is called “AL_KARAMETA” or  what is called “AL_MOUSAWEDA”, means the “Outsiders” or the “People in Black” in Islam history, and you will be astonished how much they killed from Muslims during all 1400 years.
Those are muslims in name and form only, but they follow the devil himself, WHY??
Because, this is the simplest way to distance people from Islam, the Satan by his “evil genius”, think that the best way to destroy this new religion from GOD not by killing the prophet as they tried with Jesus (PBUH) or by changing his book the Quran as they did with the bible, but by making his followers looks like muslims, wear like muslims, and put a beard and talk always using Quran verses and then eventually kill the Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prophesized that there will be” advocates” on hell fire gates, they asked him: how they will look like? he said: “they will look like us and talk in our words, whoever responds to them they will throw him in hell fire. !!! 

This problem started 30 years after Prophet Muhammad death, and imagine who they killed first?

They Killed the 3rd Caliph Otham Ebn Affan, they invaded his house and cut his right hand first, he told them: this is the hand that wrote the first verses of Quran ever and you cut it !! then they killed him, he married 2 of prophet Muhammad daughters (one died then the other one) and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loved him too much, his blood fell on his Quran, which is one of the first copies ever of Quran which keptl in Museum till now,  and stopped on the following verse:

“And if they believe in the like of that which ye believe, then are they rightly guided. But if they turn away, then are they in schism, and Allah will suffice thee  against them. He is the Hearer, the Knower. (137)”

Those appear every 100 years, and stay for few decades and Muslims are the only ones who can defeat them. 
So Sister, please don’t be affected by Media and search for the correct truth, ISLAM is the real religion from Almighty God, we are the only people on Earth who worship him alone, and submit our will to his will only. So, don’t be distracted by them, Islam and Logic and mind and science are all correlated, what is bad in mind, it’s bad in Islam, and what it’s good in mind it’s good in Islam.


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