Saturday, March 12, 2011

ALLAH is the only God who is Worthy to Worship, by Name, by Definition and by Attributes

A.    Introduction:
  • How do we know who is God?
  • What is the definition of God?
  • God Common Definition
B.    Who is “The God” by Name?
  • The meaning of God in Ancient Languages, Hebrew and Aramaic
  • Is YHWH name of God too?
  • Does “Jesus Christ” name mean “The God”, or is he “YHWH”?
  • Does “Krishna” name mean “The God”?
  • Does “Buddha” name mean “The God”?
 C.   Who is “The God” by Definition?
  • Was Jesus, Krishna or Buddha the Creator of the Universe?
  • Does “ALLAH” Create?
  • Does “Allah” practice as God?
D.   Who is “The God” by Attributes?
  • Did Jesus own “Divine Attributes”?
  • Jesus “Human Attributes”
  • Krishna Attributes
  • Buddha Physical Attributes
  • The 99th Attributes of ALLAH
 E.    Can we see God or it's impossible?
  • How God will look like?
  • Why we can’t see him in this life?
  • Mosses Question: “O my Lord Show me yourself?
  • Does God accept to be represented by Idols?