Monday, December 26, 2011

ALLAH, The Most Merciful….

1.    ALLAH’s Attributes as the “Most Merciful”
2.    His continuous giving and mercy to his servants
3.    His commands not to harm ourselves or each others
4.    His mercy on his servants in this life
5.    His mercy on his servants in afterlife
6.    His mercy on good doers even if they didn’t complete their work
7.    Does not examine his servants that they may lose their faith
8.    Does not request his servants to suffer so much
9.    His mercy that he stops the punishment on his servants
10.  His mercy by causing whether good or bad things to his servants
11.  Warn his servants from the coming “Day of Judgment”
12.  His mercy on his servants when commit sins unintentionally
13.  His forgiveness for those who hold their revenge
14.  Teaching his servants how to ask for his mercy
15.  His mercy on those who suffered in this life
16.  His mercy on the bad doers
17.  His mercy on the unbelievers if they repent
18.  His mercy on the infidels not to punish them twice
19.  He can forgive and punish too
20.  His mercy that he gave the most merciful prophet to Humanity
21.  His mercy on humanity
22.  His Mercy on the poor and needy
23.  His Mercy on the parents
24.  His Mercy by forbidding the abortion
25.  His Mercy on the slaves


I was debating on an Arab Christian site that fight Islam, unfortunately (some of) those people use their knowledge in Arabic to read Quran and Hadith to twist the verses and Hadiths and interrupt them badly or translate them wrongly to show that Islam is bad for non-Muslims instead of thinking deeply so they may consider Islam !!

As Allah said, they want to deceive the others but they are deceiving themselves only, but they don’t even notice till day of Judgment, when they will see the truth...

ودت طائفة من اهل الكتاب لو يضلونكم وما يضلون الا انفسهم وما يشعرون [3: 69]

A party of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) wish to lead you astray. But they shall not lead astray anyone except themselves, and they perceive not. (3:69)

The reason of writing this article, that someone of them started a discussion requesting at least one verse from Quran mentions that ALLAH is merciful !!

Of course, I couldn’t answer on their forum because shortly they banned me, as they don’t want to hear the “others” as usual, so I wrote the below article as an answer to his question.