Friday, May 6, 2011

Debate on Christian sites over Islam (8) – Why Islam is Propagating so fast? Prophet’s Companions (Sahaba), To an Arab Christian, To an X-Muslim, The Religion of Peace, Laughing on Muslim.

Why Islam is Propagating so Fast?

Although it’s a good news, but I think you are exaggerating a little bit, 2050 is still far means after 40 years, I think Islam will conquer even much earlier, we already 25% of all world population, it’s enough to have 30% as muslims, this means every house there will be one muslim at least, whether the father, mother, son, or a daughter is a muslim, and this member will do the rest of the work.

Islam is always promoting even in worst times, for many reasons:
Women and youth are the most people who accept Islam, because of its simplicity, answers, and details that satisfy any one.

Islam beliefs don’t include any mysteries or probabilities or secrets that nobody knows their answers, it is straight forward and clear like a Sun shining…

Islam has no contradictions; its concepts can be explained to a Bedouin in a desert or a framer on top of Himalayas or Technology professor in MIT or Harvard universities, all in the same way:

There is only one God who created all universe and we have to worship him, but how?
God showed us the way by his prophets, and the last one is Muhammad (PBUH), who came after Jesus.
Every prophet may have a book and rules that fit his generation and his time, till the last sent prophet.

How can you know that prophet is real one?

They all assemble a single chain: each prophet of them had talked about the one before him and prophesized about the next one coming after him.

How do you know the Muhammad is the successive of Jesus?  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Debate on Christian sites over Islam (7) – The Way to Hell !!!

Why you are calling for Islam? Why do you care?

Dear Brother,

For following reason:

Prophet Muhammad said: “O mankind, there is no preference for white over black or black over white, or Arab over non-Arab, or non-Arab over Arab, you are all from Adam, and Adam is from dust”
If you saw your brother or sister falling from a cliff, will you run and catch him before he falls or not?.

It’s the same feeling, so you are my brother in humanity, and seeing you deceived by the Devil just to send you to hell, and if I can just open your eyes to see the danger that may happen to you, it will  be a great achievement, after that if you decided to fall it’s your decision..
If you want the truth, please do the following short exercise:

Go to any online bible website and search for “Son of God” in Old Testament and Wikipedia, you will found the following:

In all Old Testament, there is no single prophet among all the prophets who came before Jesus, mentioned “Son of God”, or God has a son, you will find it only once in Daniel chapter and not related to Jesus..

Go to Wikipedia, and search for “Son of God”, you will see that all pagan religions before Jesus and during his age, has such concept including the Romans who converted to Christianity and forced the early priests to include this concept in this religion.

Search for Wikipedia about “Christianity councils” and see how 10’s of these councils were held during first centuries, just to figure out the nature of God, Jesus, Marry and Holy Ghost and the relation between them, they didn’t know, they were only guessing.

So, don’t you think that God will not send any other messenger from him, to clarify this main concept for his religion during all these 2010 years ?! WHY he didn’t send anyone yet to clarify this point?? Don’t you ask yourself such question?

Now, who is the only person during the 2000 years who claim that he is the prophet, and clarify that Jesus was only a prophet, and has followers not only in million but in billions now? he is only Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). [I pasted Story of Jesus birth from Quran below, Chapter of Marry]

What do you expect from Devil (Satan) say or react for the coming new prophet, he will say this is the last prophet, this is the perfect man, “O all people follow him”, or he will retreat and hide in the caves with all his devils around him, NOOOOO, he will fight back and in a very nasty way…

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Debate on Christian sites over Islam (6) – debate with Arab Priest, Muslim Women right, Polygamy, Marrying little girls, Marrying Slaves women, Beating women, Hijab, Neqaab, Islam Belief, Taqiyah..

About the Prophets Role on the Day of Judgement

Dear (Arab Priest),

Don’t worry about the prophets, they will NOT be judged on the Day of Judgment, they will be witnesses on their people. Allah said in Quran:

“And (remember) the Day when We shall raise up from every nation a witness against them from amongst themselves. And We shall bring you (O Muhammad SAW) as a witness against these. And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur'an) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Allâh as Muslims).” (An-Nahel:89)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us, that each prophet will come with his followers, some come alone means no body responded to them and to their messages, some come with 1 or 2 or few group, some come with huge number of people like Moses and Jesus (PBUH), but when prophet Muhammad (PBUH) comes with his followers (Ummah), they will cover all the horizon we will be the last but the first of the nations to sit for the judgment,

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To an Extremist Islam-hater

I understand your fear and your pain, you can’t imagine that muslims are different that the image that you build it in your mind, you can’t imagine that Muslims love Jesus (PBUH) and respect him and his mother Mary, you can’t imagine that we don’t kill, rape or torture women, or children, or animals.

You can’t imagine that we pay from our money and wealth to feed the poor, to help the orphans and widows.

You can’t imagine that muslims pray to almighty GOD alone and worship him alone, the creator of the universe, him ONLY without any partner whatsoever.

You can’t imagine that we believe in heavens and hill, and the Day of Judgment.

You can’t imagine that we believe in all prophets starting from Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Josef, David, Solomon till Muhammad (PBUT), you can’t imagine that we believe in all books that God sent to people.

Because of that you build walls around your mind of false allegations, misconceptions and misinterpretation about Islam and his prophet and when you hear a muslim voice all your walls will fall and destroy just in one blow.

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The Truth about The Prophet

I ask O mighty God to open your heart for his message and remove the mist from your eyes to see the real Truth, AMEN.

My friend, I will not reply on your long message word by word, because simply it’s a collection of fairy tales, I don’t know from where did you get them but believe me they are all lies or false interpretations or out of context, but I will reply to you in very simple and logic way:
Islam (Sunnah) is the largest spreading religion all over the world in all nations, over 1.6 billion followers, the most converting rate over any other religion, most of the new Muslims are of the highest educated people, see CAIR statistics about Muslim community in America. The most practicing religion followers all over the world even in the countries where they are still yet minorities like UK, France and Germany those who pray in mosques are more than who go to churches… 

So do you expect that all those people are stupid and they don’t know the truth about their most beloved messenger and waiting someone to open their eyes on these “lies” after 1400 years?? Of course NOT….

If you want the true story about Prophet Mohamad, I advise you to read the book of “Al-Rahik Al-Makhtoum: The sealed honey (or Alsyra Alnabweiha – Dr. AlSalabi)” it’s the most authentic book about the life of the prophet and believe me you will enjoy reading each of its pages.
I just want to mention to you 2 stories in short: