Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why Muhammad?

Why Muhammad wasn't Jewish?
Why Muhammad appeared in Arabia?
Why Muhammad is the chosen one?
Why Muhammad was successful?
Why Muhammad’s mission was perfect?
Why Muhammad was so protected?
Why Muhammad did such change?
Why Muhammad had all such knowledge?

So, Why Muhammad (PBUH)?

To answer all these questions, please read all the following carefully and kindly take your time, if you don’t have time now then make a copy on your PC to read it later.

Angel vs. Man as a messenger:

If God wants to send a messenger from him to mankind, will he selects a human or non-human messenger?

Someone may ask such question, why God didn’t send an Angel as messenger from him to mankind.

First, because it’s naturally that we mankind prefer what is close and similar to us, we feel much comfortable when we see someone relative to us, if not possible, then a friend, if not, then someone from our neighborhood, if not then someone from our city, our country, or even continent, finally at least prefer to see a human being rather than seeing an alien, for sure.

Second, if an angel wants to explain to people their religion that covers everything, including praying, eating, sleeping, marrying, raising children, etc…which most of these activities are impossible to be done by angels as they don’t sleep, don’t marry, don’t have children, don’t wash themselves, so practically they can’t explain these tasks for us.

Third, if an angel is going to be our model (ideal person) then after his leave who will be able to follow him, each one will say that this prophet was an Angel, so how can we imitate him, he never sin, never lie, never do bad things which we naturally do, so how we can follow a person that is extremely different from us.

Because of that ALLAH says:
“Say: If there were in the earth angels walking secure, We had sent down for them from heaven an angel as messenger.” [Israa:95]

Then, we all agree that he must be a man, but who will be the best selected one? From which nation? And where?

1- The Best Location:

The latest prophets were all Jewish, but their people treated them very badly, they killed John the Baptist (Jesus cousin) and took his head as a gift to one of their prostitutes.

They run after Jesus to crucify him, although the Roman governor offered them to release him and execute a criminal instead.
They all shouted evily: “Crucify him !! Crucify him !!”,
He replied to them: “What sin did he do to be punished for?”
They kept shouting: “Crucify him !! Crucify him !!.”

So, if God will send another prophet, is it logic to send his last prophet to the Jews again?

Of course NOT, a prophet is a blessing and guidance from God, and a reward from him to help the people and guide them, so do they deserve such reward?
Because of their crimes toward their Prophets, then absolutely NOT.

But they are all children of Israel, there are all sons of prophets and descendents of Ibrahim, then who are the closest nation to them?

They are the Ishmaels, the elder son of Ibrahim who left him in Arabia and became a great nation called the Arabs, the Jewish cousins.

But, why not from other nation, like Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Indians, Chinese, Russians, Africans, Americans, etc.. For the following essential reasons:

A.   Protection:

Arabia has a strategic location in the ancient world, it was protected from 4 directions: where 3 of them East, West and South are surrounded by seas and the North is 2000 Km long way in a completely empty desert.
So, it’s naturally protected from enemies and it’s not easily to be invaded, it will not be that easy like Jerusalem, so even if the Romans or Persians decided to attack it, it will not be a pleasant trip. Actually, during all history long it was never invaded by a foreign (non-Muslim) army. 

B.   Location:

Arabia is across Africa on the Red Sea, so sailing for one or two days to the west and you will be on Africa coast.
Sailing to the East and you will reach Persia, one week more and will reach India, continue a little bit more whether on sea and will reach all South of Asia, or across Persia land to the north and you are in a middle of Asia.
Continue to the north, in few weeks you are on the border of Mediterranean and all Europe will be reachable.

So, other than its position is naturally protected, it’s strategically located in the middle and close to the three continents.

But why not in Far East, or West, or South, or North?
Because then the message will take too much time to reach all other countries, and being in the middle exactly, will force the passengers or traders from other nations to pass by “or over” Muslim country whether going from North to south, or from East to West, so they may hear about Islam and know about this new religion.

C.   Civilization:

Arabs were the least civilized nation ever in history before Islam, and far from other nations who had philosophers, scholars, and Scientists.
And as in large companies, if they want to implement a new system, it’s easier to train a fresh graduate employee who is not trained on any system before than a senior one, so he doesn’t mix old principles with the new one, and cause problems instead of operating the new system.
Also he will be more adequate to learn, because he knows already that he doesn’t own anything yet, no experience, no previous knowledge what so ever, so he will just receive the new instructions and easily accept them.
The other nations in north were conquered by the Romans, who were a very sophisticated nation, strongly controlled and being ruling the world for centuries.
Egyptian to the West and Persian to the East were the same too, but Arabs were ignorant and developed only their basic teachings on how to survive in the desert.

What are the advantages of such location?
Although, it was a new religion started promoting on 632 AD, Islam within his first century, 732 AD Muslims were fighting South of France thousands of miles to the west, and on China borders to the East, and on Russian southern borders in North East, and surrounding old Byzantine in north, and anther army propagating in Habasha (Abyssinia) in East Africa and crossing the great desert in its west reaching Mauritania.
This great success in less than 100 years was a miracle, and because of such location in the middle and being protected from strong nations that may choked the new religion while it was still young.

2- The Best Suitable Nation:

The best tribe of Arabs was Quraish and they were descendents from Ishmael son of Abraham, and they were the People of Makkah, where Abraham and Ishmael built the house of God there “Al-Kaabah”.
Among Quraish there was the family of Abdul Mutaleb an honored man inside his tribe and most respected. He had 10 sons but one of them Abdullah was just married and died few months later while his wife Amena was pregnant and delivered Muhammad.
Muhammad (PBUH) was born as an orphan, then 6 years later his mother died too, so he has no father and no mother left, then his grandfather who loved him so much took him under his control but he died 2 years later. Then his uncle raised him till he grown up, no one was able to look after him closely and teach him to read and write so he has been illiterate, poor and had to work to feed himself.

But, who raised him?
Similar to Jesus, who was raised up without a father, so God was looking after them, Muhammad and Jesus and Mosses too, and raised them as he wants.
If Muhammad was educated man, a well-known poet or writer, then infidels will say that he wrote the Quran by himself, but he neither did it nor he could too.
If Muhammad was of a rich family, then they will say that he is asking for a rule or kingdom of his own, but he didn’t look for it before during his youth and he will not ask for it now after being in his 40’s.
If Muhammad has a large numbers of brothers and sons and nephews, then they will protect him, but he was completely alone, no sons, no brothers, and has 2 uncles who followed him later and other 2 who fought him badly, so that nobody says that he build his state by swords, and since he started completely alone then from where and how did the other swords come from?  

To summarize all:

1.    Arabia was best choice because it’s protected and far from great and proud nations, and in the same time in the middle of all world main roads.

2.    Arabs were descendants of Ibrahim, cousins of Jews and early Christians, simple people, not sophisticated, didn’t affect by ancient philosophy, they were as empty cup waiting to be filled by Allah wisdom through his prophet.

3.    Muhammad (PBUH) was best of his nation, best of his tribe, poor, orphan, moderate, illiterate and of few male relatives. Surely, he won’t be able to invent new philosophy from his own mind, won’t look for a kingdom, and won’t be fighting by his tribe power.

4.    Muhammad (PBUH) was the most honest and trustful person in his time, he didn’t sin ever before being selected as prophet of Islam, he didn’t lie or drink or prostrate for an idol, and he was the most beloved in his tribe and city, but he was just waiting for something significant to happen for him.

5.    Muhammad (PBUH) was the best choice in best location ever for such crucial mission.

3 – The Most Successful:

If Muhammad was the best choice, was he successful in his mission?
Not to forget, that he comes to a nation that worship thousands of idols, and had very bad habits. Arabs were left almost 5,000 years without any prophet after Ishmael, they took the Idols from pagan nations living in Syria, and they imitated them all over Arabia, thinking that they are Gods.
Arabs were people without law what so ever, they used to do all bad things such as rape, killing, stealing, kidnapping, attacking, drinking, and worshiping idols.

So, how was Muhammad (PBUH) able to change all this?

Muhammad (PBUH) continued to promote for the new religion from day one, and let’s how did he progressed by the number of followers:

The progress didn’t stop even after Prophet Death, as Islam kept progressing and it’s still rolling during our days, and it is the fastest grown religion on Earth.
Islam had crossed the oceans and is propagating in Europe and in the Far West and East too. The following figures show the progress through centuries.

So, the question is where all this success came from?

How is it possible that a man from Arabia 1400 years ago, who was illiterate, poor, orphan, and alone was able to initiate a revolution that is still continuing till now?
Today all other religions are declining as more people are sinking in their material life, and while their followers are staying away from their religious practices, we see Muslims stopping their work to stand in rows and pray to God in mosques all over the world (sometimes on the streets if inside mosques are full).

It is Allah’s promise that Islam will propagate all over the world, and however those who will fight it, or try to stop it, or delay it, they will never succeed. They will spend their time, efforts and money and they will fail, as if they are trying to turn off the Sun by blowing on it, so whatever they do it will not affect the sun or its light ever:

Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light however much the disbelievers are averse.(8)
He it is Who hath sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may make it conqueror of all religion however much idolaters may be averse.(9) [As-saf]

So, where in History there was a man more successful than Muhammad (PBUH), most of revolutions were buried after the death of their leaders, all their empires were destroyed in few years or few centuries later on.

4- The Perfect Story

Most of successful revolutions pass in the following phases:

1-    The Promotion Phase:
Leader with a perfect Idea will start promoting it and collecting his first supporters around him who will be the leaders in future.

2-    The Friction Phase:
Revolution enemies will start a soft attack by mocking first on the new believers, then their friction will increase with time. While more supporters, of different experiences and backgrounds attracted by the new idea, will join the movement.

3-    The Confrontation Phase:
At a certain level, revolution enemies will notice the increase of followers count and their power, and sense its danger so they respond harshly to diminish the new movement completely before it becomes too late.

4-    The Asylum Phase:
Revolutionists must emigrate to a safe region and far from regime’s hand, whether to country side, mountain, desert, or neighbor countries, to reduce casualties and allow more new comers to join freely without being terrorized by the enemy.

5-    The Combat phase:
War is declared officially between both sides and it becomes a matter of life or death, where each side must eliminate the other or they will be destroyed.

6-    The Conclusion Phase:
If revolutionists win then they will build their new regime or they lose eventually, both results will lead to revolution end.

If we compare all these phases for all the 5 greatest prophets in history, then prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only one who had completed the whole cycle and declared his state as per the values revealed to him from God.

Many of Islam enemies enjoy claiming that “Madina Period” in Islam history was so violent and different than the first peaceful period in “Makkah”.

But this allegation is wrong because of their weak understanding for the above mandatory phases for any successful revolution or new religion in all humankind history, that was not only followed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but it was followed even by the Marxist revolution in Russia, China, and Vietnam, and in most of successful liberation movements such as Mahdi rebellion in Sudan against the English, or Algeria uprising against the French, even the French revolution itself against the Royalty, they all must pass in the same phases.

But the difference in Islam, that it was more peaceful with much less casualties, and absolutely with no revenge (it will be detailed in different post later on).

Regarding other prophets (PBUT):

·         Noah mission ended by the flood that eradicated his enemies without a fight.

·         Ibrahim struggle with his people ended when he left his town and started a new life with his family alone in Palestine.

·         Mosses mission ended when he reached the other side from the Red Sea but couldn’t enter the sacred city to build his state and died just south of Jerusalem.

·         Jesus story is the only one that stopped in the middle when they tried to crucify him but God raised him to heaven, till the day when he returns back and lead the Muslims army to fight the Anti-Christ “Al-Dajjal”.

5 – The Most Protected:

A lot of researchers didn’t notice that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the most protected person during his time so that he can finish delivering his message.
Let’s see how many cases when his life was really under great danger starting from this story that happened once before to Jesus too:

1-    The woman of hate:
Um Lahhab was Prophet’s uncle wife, but she and her husband opposed him very fiercely, that they both were mentioned in Quran. Once, she came very angry carrying stones in her hands to the Kaabah, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was setting with Abu Baker reposing under Kaabah shadow, she shouted on Abu Baker:
“Where is your friend (she means Muhammad)?”
Abu Baker replied: “You don’t see him around !!”
She said: “When I see him, I will crash his teeth by these stones” then went away.
Abu Baker turned to Prophet Muhammad who was smiling, and asked him: “She didn’t see you?”
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Allah took her sight from seeing me.”

2-    Group of Assassinator:
When Quriash decided to attack the Prophet while he is sleeping and brought 10 strong young men, everyone from different tribe to attack him all at once and prevent him from going to Madina.
At night, they surrounded his house and waited till midnight to attack him, but he went out from his house and passed between with them and they didn’t see him, then he took some sand and put it over their turbans and also they didn’t notice that, till it becomes dawn and entered into his house and find Ali sleeping instead of him.

3-    Spider Nest:
When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Baker left Makkah going to Madina, they hid in a small cove called Althwar, it’s less than 3 meters long and 2 meters wide. The infidels of Makkah chased both and used a pace tracker who told them they are hiding in this cove, they ran to catch him. Standing on the position shown by white arrows in the next figure, they found a spider nest on the door of cove that is less than 1 meter wide. They said: “this nest was not torn, it’s impossible someone walk in and it is still like that”
The Prophet and Abu Baker were really inside, and their feet could be seen very easily, if one of the attackers just bowed his head he would see them for sure.

Abu Baker was shaking from fear that they may see the prophet and catch him, he wasn’t scare on himself, because he knows that they want only the prophet and will kill him this time for sure, and then the message of Islam will stop.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) comforted his friend and told him: “Don’t be sad, God is with us”, the infidels turned back and left.

4-    Suraka Chasing:
When Quraish found that they lost the trace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companion Abu Baker, they announced a prize of 100 camels for anyone who can catch them whether alive or dead !! Then most of prize hunters were crossing all desert long between Makkah and Madina to search for them.
One of those, were a Bedouin named Suraka who saw 2 men traveling alone in the desert so he followed them, tell he reached a place where they can see him, then something strange happen!!
His horse legs sank in the desert that it couldn’t move forward anymore, so he called the prophet: “O Muhammad let me go free and I will not chase you anymore”, so prophet called Allah to release him, and he was released.

Then the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) called him: “O Suraka, how you will be when you wear the bracelets of Khosrau”, Suraka was astonished: “Khosrau son of Hormizd (Empire of Persia)”, Prophet Muhammad replied: “Yes, Khosrau son of Hormizd”.

20 years later, Suraka becomes one of Muslim Soldiers during the days of Omar, when the jewels of Khosrau arrived to Madina, Omar called Suraka and put in his hand the bracelets of Khosrau.  

5-    Battle of Uhud:
In the beginning of this battle, Muslims fought and defeated the army of Makkah, but the knights of Makkah army turned around the mountain and attacked the Muslims from their back, although Prophet left a brigade of archers on the hill behind Muslims army to protect army’s back but they left their position when they saw that Makkah army was defeated, they mistakenly thought the battle had finished.
During the attack of Makkah army they became in between prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Muslim army and he was left alone with 12 soldiers who 10 of them died to protect him, and he retreated back and called his army to return back to Mountain of Uhud, when he arrived there with both of his companions they were severely injured.
Muslims saw the prophet Muhammad left alone behind them and facing hundred of enemy knights, they were running back as much as they can so they can reach him. His army was divided into small groups and all returned to the Mountain and start searching for him, when one of them saw from distance, he cried with all his voice: “ALLAH AKBAR”, so the prophet smiled and put his finger on his mouth, as telling him not to scream loudly so they don’t climb after them and attack them.

6-    The Bedouin
During one of his travels with his army, an infidel Bedouin followed them till they all rest and slept, then he sneaked inside the army till he became over prophet Muhammad (PBUH) head, and he took his sword, then the Prophet waked up, he said to him: “Who will protect you now, O Muhammad”, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied confidently: “ ALLAH”.
The Bedouin was shocked and terrified and the sword felt from his hand, where prophet Muhammad took it and said to him: Who will protect you now?, The Bedouin said: “Forgive me, Muhammad”, he forgave him and set him free, later on he became a Muslim and returned back to the prophet to join his army.

7-    Quraish Spy
After the battle of Bader, Safwan one of Quraish leaders decided secretly to send “Umair” one of its strong fighters to assassinate the prophet, but he will act as if he wants to accept Islam then he will betray the prophet and kill him on the first possible chance. But, upon his arrival and meeting the prophet, he asked him why did you come to here? He told him the false story, Prophet said: No, you’ve been asked to come to kill me and you said this and this… and told him the real story, Umair was surprised and said: “nobody knows what I talked and agreed with Safwan in Makkah except me and him and God, and I confess that you are really messenger of God” and accepted Islam.

8-    Jews of An-Nadyr
An-Nadyr were a Jewish tribe living close to Madina, but they were trying always to kill the prophet (as their habit in killing ALLAH’s messengers), they invited the prophet to one of their houses to discuss a problem that needs his help, the Prophet accepted their invitation and when he sat next to one of their houses wall, they gave a sign to one of them to ascend over the roof and throw a heavy stone over the prophet and kill him, but immediately Angel Gabriel revealed to his prophet that: “they want to kill you now, so go out now”, he stood immediately and his companions wanted to follow him, he said: no stay and he went out, they and the Jews thought that he’s going to do something shortly outside then will come back, after a while they discovered that he left and almost reached Madina safely.

9-    Poisoned Sheep
After taking over Khyabar which was Jewish greatest city in all Arabia with many forts inside, a Jewish woman brought a cooked sheep for him and his companions to eat. He accepted and when he had his first bite, he stopped and commanded his companions not to eat, and told them that this meat is poisoned, but one of his companions have already ate from it so he died shortly. The poison didn’t affect the prophet although it entered his mouth, but he said that Allah had stopped it in his neck.
When they brought the Jewish woman, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked her: Why did you do that? She said: I wanted to know if you are really a prophet, then God will tell you that it’s poisoned and save you, I put in it a poison that can kill a tribe of people.

10-  Battle of Hynaiyn
This also one of the most critical moments in prophet life, he was in front of 12,000 soldiers, 10,000 of his companions and 2,000 from Makkah who joined him for the first time after he conquered Makkah, although they were not all Muslims yet but they have 4 months period to think about it. They went all to fight Hawazen tribe south of Makkah, so they don’t threaten Makkah and attack it after destroying all its idols. When the army was crossing a narrow valley, Hawzen fighters were surrounding the valley of Hynaiyn with a very tight ambush that they were surely nobody can run away. When the army started entering the valley and prophet was on top of it, their archers start shouting them with arrows like a rain, falling on them, all fighters start to run away and left the prophet completely alone on his camel and 2 of his companions, who were hiding behind his camel so the arrows not strike them, then the enemy attacked.
One of Makkah leaders was watching from far away and see that Muhammad is alone in front of thousands of fighters, and he will be dead for sure, he said: “His magic is finished today, they will not stop till killing all of them today (means the Muslims)”
But what happen next is to show all humankind that Muhammad was really a messenger of God without a doubt. The angels start descending from Heaven led by the “Holy Ghost” Angle Gabriel and Angle Michael followed by an army of angels fighters, Gabriel was shouting to his soldiers from his angels: “SAVE MUHAMMAD” 

The infidels saw this and were terrified that they threw their weapons and run away, although they brought their families, camels and sheep, and left them behind them so they don’t run away, they left them all to Muhammad’s army and run away from the Angels.
But, the next day they returned to Muslims army and accepted Islam in front of Prophet Muhammad who returned back their families and what left from their sheep and camels.

In conclusion, it shown how many times prophet Muhammad life was in great dangerous, it’s not once, or twice but minimum for 10 times, so who saved him from all of them except God and because he was really a messenger of God. If he was pretending as a prophet he would be killed in first chance.

6- The Speculated Change:

Let’s summarize in points what are the differences that entered on Arabia and Arabs by the new religion of Islam and the call of Prophet Muhammad.


Arabs used to worship thousands of idols made of stone or wood, spirits, angels, Jinn, Sun and planets, etc..

Arabs become all Muslims, they destroyed all their Idols under their feet, and worship only ALLAH the Creator and the only God for all universe.

State Law:

They didn’t believe or followed any law except the law of their tribes, what is the best for their benefits they will do it, even if they need to kill the nearest tribe and capture their women, and take their children and cattle.

They all followed Sharia’a law that covers all life aspects, and organize human groups wherever they are, deep in a wild desert or on top of the Andes, they can follow it and obey it.
Also, their system is changed dramatically and all the values related to tribe were dissolved, and they became citizens in Islam new state, and soldiers in its army, they obey and follow their leader and don’t act except according to his commands.  

Women Rights:

They treated women very badly, burying new born female babies so they not being disgraced in front of their tribes that they got girls instead of sons. The woman was to serve the men and transferred as heritage, so if someone died and left his wife, his brother can inherit the wife with all his brother stuff, sometimes sons can inherit their father’s wives if they are not their direct mothers. Women didn’t have right to learn or to inherit and were not treated respectfully.

Women was highly respected in Islam, being seen as half of the society and the mother of the second half, she was respected as mother to the stage that prophet Muhammad said: “the Paradise is under her feet !!”.
She was respected as daughter and sister that they’ll become a wall (separator) between the man against hell fire if he treated his sisters and daughters nicely, raised them and educated them very well.
She was respected as a wife that putting a bit in one’s wife mouth is a “Sadaqa” (good deed that God rewards us for doing it).


Completely illiterate nation with no schools, no books, no writings, no paper shops (publishers), no accounting, no science, and of course no scientific research.
True, they say poems and transferred through tribes almost as fast as email messaging in our days but nothing more, they were articulate people but with no actual civilization.

Quran the book revealed to prophet Muhammad started by the most important word to all Human kind, it started by the command: “Read.”.

Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists), (1)
He has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood) (2)
Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, (3)
Who has taught (the writing) by the pen. (4)
He has taught man that which he knew not. (5) [Al-Alaq]

To know what happened to Education and Science development after Muhammad (PBUH), it’s better to read “Islamic Golden Age” from Wikipedia that starts by:

[The Islamic Golden Age is traditionally dated from the mid-8th century to the mid-13th century (the time of the Mongol invasion). During this period, artists, engineers, scholars, poets, philosophers, geographers and traders in the Islamic world contributed to agriculture, the arts, economics, industry, law, literature, navigation, philosophy, sciences, sociology, and technology, both by preserving earlier traditions and by adding inventions and innovations of their own. Howard R. Turner writes: "Muslim artists and scientists, princes and laborers together made a unique culture that has directly and indirectly influenced societies on every continent.]


Arabs sank in very bad habits like gambling, adultery, obscenity, drinking alcohol, theft, usury, killing and fighting for almost everything: for land, water, grass or a horse (e.g. Dahes wal Ghabra’a was a fight between 2 Arab tribes that took 40 years of killing each others, because they were racing and one horse raced the other tribe’s horse and the clash began).

All these bad habits were forbidden in Islam and were replaced by doing the good deeds like: Praying, fasting, feeding the hungry, paying charities, perform pilgrimage, helping the lost and broken traveler, treating the sick.
Till now: Murder rate in Saudi Arabia is 3.9 per 1000 people and ranked 61, while US is ranked 24 with rate 42.8 per 1000 people (i.e. 11 times more !!).

Please, read Islamic Belief to know more about Muslims good deeds that they must do and bad deeds that they must depart from.

As summary:

How did Muhammad (PBUH) make such dramatic change in a rebel, divided, ignorant nation like Arabs and put them in front of all nations?
It was never mentioned in History that a leader did such change in a nation over all history of mankind. 

Even if we compare it with Christianity, it’s true that they propagated in the Mediterranean region and Europe (of course by their heavy swords and fire as they used to burn the temples of other religions with its priests locked inside – source: “Azzazil” a Coptic Novel from 4th century).
But regarding civilization, Europeans slept for almost 1500 centuries, while churches burned all scientific books of pervious nations whether Greek, Romans or Egyptian, till the time when they interacted closely with Muslims in Andalusia, then they repelled on their Church and deport it from controlling their daily life whether politically or educationally.
So, even the recent progress in world civilization owe to this incomparable Man: Muhammad (PBUH).

7- The Most Knowledgeable:

The following list is the titles of 93 subjects in the Book of Sahih Al-Bukhari, which is the most authentic book that copied thousands of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings (Hadith):

1.    The Faith: Revelation, Belief, Knowledge, Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah, Holding Fast to the Qur'an and Sunnah.

2.    The Holy Quran: Prophetic Commentary on the Qur'an, Virtues of the Qur'an

3.    Virtues and Merits of the Prophet (PBUH) and his Companions, Merits of the Helpers in Madina.

4.    Purification: Ablutions, Bathing, Menstrual Periods, Rubbing hands and feet with dust.

5.    Prayers: Virtues of the Prayer Hall, Times of the Prayers, Call to Prayers, Characteristics of Prayer, Friday Prayer, Fear Prayer, The Two Festivals, Witr (Odd-number) Prayer, Invoking Allah for Rain, Eclipses, Prostration During Recital of Qur'an, Shortening the Prayers, Prayer at Night, Actions while Praying, Funerals Prayer.

6.    Charity: Obligatory Charity Tax, Obligatory Charity Tax After Ramadan

7.    Pilgrimage: Hajj, Minor Pilgrimage (Umra), Pilgrims Prevented from Completing the Pilgrimage, Penalty of Hunting while on Pilgrimage, Virtues of Madina

8.    Fasting: Praying at Night in Ramadaan, Retiring to a Mosque for Remembrance of Allah

9.    Performing Business: Sales in which a Price is paid for Goods to be Delivered Later, Hiring, Transference of a Debt from One Person to Another, Representation, Authorization, Business by Proxy, Agriculture, Distribution of Water, Loans, Payment of Loans, Freezing of Property, Bankruptcy, Lost Things Picked up by Someone, Oppressions, Partnership, Mortgaging. 

10.  Sustainment Law: Food, Meals, Sacrifice on Occasion of Birth, Hunting, Slaughtering, Al-Adha Festival Sacrifice, Drinks.

11.  Health Care Law: Patients, Medicine.

12.  Military Law: Military Expeditions led by the Prophet (PBUH), Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad), One-fifth of Booty to the Cause of Allah, punishment of Disbelievers at War, Blood Money, Dealing with Apostates, Saying Something under Compulsion (POW).

13.  Family and Social Law: Wedlock, Marriage, Divorce, Supporting the Family, Laws of Inheritance, Limits and Punishments, Judgments.

14.  The Wisdom:, Invocations, To make the Heart Tender, Divine Will, Oaths and Vows, Expiation for Unfulfilled Oaths, Tricks, Interpretation of Dreams

15.  Good Deeds: Manumission of Slaves, Gifts, Witnesses, Peacemaking, Conditions, Wills and Testaments

16.  The Morals: Dress, Good Manners and Form, Asking Permission, Wishes, Accepting Information Given by a Truthful Person

17.  Old Times History: Beginning of Creation, Prophets

18.  Prophecies: Afflictions and the End of the World

(Note; the above list didn’t include the subjects of the Holy Quran that will be explained later in different article).

So, the question here is who taught Muhammad (PBUH) all such broad knowledge and he is an illiterate man? And from where he got the resources of these information whether they are about old times history to what is coming in future, and health, medicine, business, prayers, judgments, heritage law, etc…

It’s impossible unless they were revealed to him from God.

What is the Price?

Arab Infidels, Jewish tribes, and Madina Hypocrites used almost everything to fight prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to let him stop from delivering his message, literally all possible weapons whether good or bad, morally accepted or forbidden such as:

They promoted that he is a liar, magician, and diviner, they cursed him and mocked on him any place he goes, they shouted on him, hit him, stole him, fought him, injured him, stoned him till his feet bled, and threw dirty things on his back while he was prostrate in his prayer, put fire on his way, digging holes to fall in and injure himself, tried to assassin him many times, kidnap him, poisoning him, even they were very wicked as they talked badly on one of his wives: Aisha.

They did everything possible to stop people from hearing or listening to him, they initiated an evil propaganda against him in all tribes inside Arabia, so that when a stranger comes to Makkah he may put cotton in his ears so he don’t listen to him by accident. But, when a chief of tribe did that then saw him praying next to Kabbah at night and reading Quran in his prayers, he said to himself: “Why I am afraid from hearing him and closed my ears like that, I have mind, I can listen to his words then judge his talk by myself”.

When he listened to his prayers, he discovered that it’s impossible to be human’s words and they are only of God, and Muhammad was really a messenger sent from him, so he accepted Islam immediately.

Try to listen to Chapter of Haqa (69) and judge by yourself, even if you don’t understand Arabic:

They didn’t use only terrorization, but even they tried to bribe him so they offered him: whether to make him the leader of Makkah over all its tribes, or to give him money as much as he wants, or to marry from the prettiest women among Arabs as much as he wants.
He replied to him: “I swear in ALLAH, even if you put the Sun in my right hand and the Moon in my left hand, I will not stop till I deliver the message of my lord or die because of it
Incredible determination!!

Then, what is the Prize?

What did Muhammad (PBUH) get after he delivered his message in this life? Luxury, Money, Wealth, Kingdom or what

·         Omar entered his house and the Prophet was just woke up and his bed of coarse straw left signs in his side, Omar’s eyes filled with tears after seeing this, Prophet Muhammad asked him why he was crying for, he said: “O prophet Muhammad you are sleeping on this rough bed and world kings sleep on soft beds of silk and feather”.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Don’t you accept that they take this life (enjoy it), and we take the afterlife?

·         While he was dying, he asked his wife Aisha how much money she has in her house left, she answered almost 7 dirham’s maybe less, he said: give them to the poor and then he fainted, she did what he asked for, as he wanted to leave this life without keeping even a penny behind him.

·         Before he died, he called Abu Baker to pray instead of him in his mosque and this was a sign that Abu Baker must lead the Muslims and the new Islamic state (that will become one of the largest empires in history). Although Abu Baker was not from his family or a closed tribe to him, but he didn’t give it to Ali his cousin and or to Abbas his uncle, he gave it to the best who can handle it only, which means that he didn’t do all this work for kingdom too.

His Last Will 

Three months before his death in the “farewell” pilgrimage, he stated the last guidelines to all human kind, where he said at end of each section of his final commandments:
Did I inform you?” the people answered: “Yes, O Allah’s Apostle”
Then he pointed his finger to the sky then to the people, and says: “O Mighty God witness !!
When he was finishing his pilgrimage, he used to tell every group of Muslims who he passed by:
Don’t return infidels after me [my death] killing each other’s”,
Not anyone comes on the Day of Judgment, carrying a sheep or camel, or land, or gold over his neck [that he stole during his life], and appeals to me to: “O Muhammad, save me”, I will say to him: I can’t do anything to you, I’ve warned you before.”

He said to his closed relatives, his daughter, cousins, aunts, and uncles:
Don’t come on the day of judgment thinking your closed relation to me will save you, where others will come with their good deeds, I will not save you from God punishment if he wants to (urging them not to count on their family relation with the Prophet but for their good deeds”).

And on the day of his death, he was so sick that he couldn’t go out and pray in his own mosque, he watched his companions from his room window, who were aligning themselves to pray behind Abu Baker, he looked on them smiling and asked them, his last question: “Did I deliver you the message of GOD?”, they said: “O prophet you certainly did”.

He smiled as he wanted to make sure that he did his job perfectly, he returned back to his bed and died few hours later.


Muhammad called for GOD and only for Him, the Lord of all worlds and the only Creator.

He praised all Prophets and books that came before him.
He revealed all guidelines that mankind must know to live in a proper life.
He called for all good deeds; feeding the poor, giving charity, respect the others..
He forbidden everything that can harm mankind; alcohol, adultery, usury, lying, stealing,.
He launched the last and biggest cycle of human civilization, by emphasizing “Learning” writing and reading and for all people (old, young, man, woman, free or slave, etc..).
He had to fight his own tribe and all his nation people for 23 years, just to destroy millions of idols that worshiped beside GOD.

He is the only one in history who sent messages to the surrounding kings and emperors, of Roman, Persia and Egypt, telling them that He is the last prophet and they have to follow him to save themselves. Of course, they refused but in less than 10 years, his followers were conquering all these nations.

He didn’t ask for money, authority after him to be in his family, kingdom of his name, wealth, and he didn’t die in a castle, but in a small room right to his mosque.

Therefore, there is no possible logic answer for all the above questions except that:
Muhammad is a messenger sent by God to all humankind that we all have to obey him and follow his teachings.

Say (O Muhammad SAW to mankind): "If you (really) love Allâh then follow me (i.e. accept Islâmic Monotheism, follow the Qur'ân and the Sunnah), Allâh will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (31)

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "Obey Allâh and the Messenger (Muhammad SAW)." But if they turn away, then Allâh does not like the disbelievers (32) [Al-Emran]

Thanks to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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