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Debate on Christian sites over Islam (7) – The Way to Hell !!!

Why you are calling for Islam? Why do you care?

Dear Brother,

For following reason:

Prophet Muhammad said: “O mankind, there is no preference for white over black or black over white, or Arab over non-Arab, or non-Arab over Arab, you are all from Adam, and Adam is from dust”
If you saw your brother or sister falling from a cliff, will you run and catch him before he falls or not?.

It’s the same feeling, so you are my brother in humanity, and seeing you deceived by the Devil just to send you to hell, and if I can just open your eyes to see the danger that may happen to you, it will  be a great achievement, after that if you decided to fall it’s your decision..
If you want the truth, please do the following short exercise:

Go to any online bible website and search for “Son of God” in Old Testament and Wikipedia, you will found the following:

In all Old Testament, there is no single prophet among all the prophets who came before Jesus, mentioned “Son of God”, or God has a son, you will find it only once in Daniel chapter and not related to Jesus..

Go to Wikipedia, and search for “Son of God”, you will see that all pagan religions before Jesus and during his age, has such concept including the Romans who converted to Christianity and forced the early priests to include this concept in this religion.

Search for Wikipedia about “Christianity councils” and see how 10’s of these councils were held during first centuries, just to figure out the nature of God, Jesus, Marry and Holy Ghost and the relation between them, they didn’t know, they were only guessing.

So, don’t you think that God will not send any other messenger from him, to clarify this main concept for his religion during all these 2010 years ?! WHY he didn’t send anyone yet to clarify this point?? Don’t you ask yourself such question?

Now, who is the only person during the 2000 years who claim that he is the prophet, and clarify that Jesus was only a prophet, and has followers not only in million but in billions now? he is only Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). [I pasted Story of Jesus birth from Quran below, Chapter of Marry]

What do you expect from Devil (Satan) say or react for the coming new prophet, he will say this is the last prophet, this is the perfect man, “O all people follow him”, or he will retreat and hide in the caves with all his devils around him, NOOOOO, he will fight back and in a very nasty way…

He will say similar to what above are saying now, so don’t let people follow him: that he was …………,  only to stop people from listening to him, but God said, he will complete his light, and truth will be shown to all people despite whatever they did or doing or will do:

“They intend to put out the Light of Allâh (i.e. the Religion of Islâm, this Qur'ân, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW) with their mouths. But Allâh will bring His Light to perfection even though the disbelievers hate (it). (8)

He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islâmic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikûn (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh and in His Messenger Muhammed SAW) hate (it). (9) “ [Al-Saff]

Jesus (PBUH) Birth, in Chapter of Marry, The Holy Quran:

And mention in the Book (the Qur'ân, O Muhammad SAW , the story of) Maryam (Mary), when she withdrew in seclusion from her family to a place facing east (16)
She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them; then We sent to her Our Ruh [angel Jibril (Gabriel)], and he appeared before her in the form of a man in all respects. (17)
She said: "Verily! I seek refuge with the Most Gracious (Allâh) from you, if you do fear Allâh." (18)
(The angel) said: "I am only a messenger from your Lord, (to announce) to you the gift of a righteous son." (19)
She said: "How can I have a son, when no man has touched me, nor am I unchaste?" (20)
He said: "So (it will be), your Lord said: 'That is easy for Me (Allâh): And (We wish) to appoint him as a sign to mankind and a mercy from Us (Allâh), and it is a matter (already) decreed, (by Allâh).' " (21)
So she conceived him[], and she withdrew with him to a far place (i.e. Bethlehem valley about 4-6 miles from Jerusalem). (22)
And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a date-palm. She said: "Would that I had died before this, and had been forgotten and out of sight!" (23)
Then [the babe 'Īsā (Jesus) or Jibril (Gabriel)] cried unto her from below her, saying: "Grieve not! Your Lord has provided a water stream under you; (24)
"And shake the trunk of date-palm towards you, it will let fall fresh ripe-dates upon you." (25)
"So eat and drink and be glad, And if you see any human being, say: 'Verily! I have vowed a fast unto the Most Gracious (Allâh) so I shall not speak to any human being this day.'" (26)
Then she brought him (the baby) to her people, carrying him. They said: "O Mary! Indeed you have brought a thing Fariyy (a mighty thing). (27)
"O sister (i.e. the like) of Hârûn (Aaron)! Your father was not a man who used to commit adultery, nor your mother was an unchaste woman." (28)
Then she pointed to him. They said: "How can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle?[]" (29)
"He ['Īsā (Jesus)] said: Verily! I am a slave of Allâh, He has given me the Scripture and made me a Prophet;" (30)
"And He has made me blessed wheresoever I be, and has enjoined on me Salât (prayer), and Zakât, as long as I live." (31)
"And dutiful to my mother, and made me not arrogant, unblest. (32)
"And Salâm (peace) be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!"[on Resurrection Day] (33)
Such is 'Īsā (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary). (it is) a statement of truth, about which they doubt (or dispute) (34)
It befits not (the Majesty of) Allâh that He should beget a son [this refers to the slander of Christians against Allâh, by saying that 'Īsā (Jesus) is the son of Allâh]. Glorified (and Exalted is He above all that they associate with Him). When He decrees a thing, He only says to it, "Be!" and it is[] (35)
['Īsā (Jesus) said]: "And verily Allâh is my Lord and your Lord. So worship Him (Alone). That is the Straight Path. (Allâh's religion of Islâmic Monotheism which He did ordain for all of His Prophets)."

The Way to Hell

Since you preferred the “free” falling way, therefore the last thing that I can help you with is to tell you about what you will see down there, means what to expect, I will paste some verses from Quran that show what will happen:
  1. When time comes and seeing the angle of death, and the wish to return back.
  2. The torturing and pain inside crave for the unbelievers.
  3. The time when bodies are resurrected and gathered together.
  4. The time when hell is been dragged to the gathering land and all people see it and hear its horrible voices.
  5. The Day of Judgment, what also called: the Day of Blaming started, when each one will blame each others.
  6. When Almighty God asks Jesus in front of all human kind, if you said to people to worship himself (Jesus), where he denies completely, and says if you want to torture them (Christians), they are your slaves.
  7. When the un-believers feel with deep sorrow and sadness for the chances that they discard in the life before.
  8. When they’ve been dragged to Hells’ doors and its guardians saw them and open the doors so they been thrown on their faces inside.
  9. When Hell guardians ask them why you didn’t follow the messengers of God.
  10. How they will dwell in Hell in a very miserable life and full of unbearable pain.
  11. When they stay in Hell for long time, and ask their leaders to take some of the pain, then ask the guardians of hell, then ask “Malek” the chief of Hell to reduce the pain and torturing.
  12. When some of Paradise people go to its border near to hell, to look down and see how hell people are suffering, and they ask them for some water or anything.
  13. When one of Paradise man wishes to ask about his friend who was sent to hell and what he will say to him when he saw him there.
  14. After ages and ages of suffering, when people of hell ask God to get them out of hell as they can’t bear it any more..
Hope, you will copy them in a separate document and keep reading them, so not to be surprised later (God forbidden)..

1. When time comes and seeing the angle of death, and the wish to return back:

Until, when death comes to one of them (those who join partners with Allâh), he says: “My Lord! Send me back, (99)
“So that I may do good in that which I have left behind!” No! It is but a word that he speaks, and behind them is Barzakh (a barrier) until the Day when they will be resurrected. (100) [Moamenon]

2. The torturing and pain inside crave for the unbelievers.

And who can be more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allâh, or says: “A revelation has come to me,” whereas as no revelation has come to him in anything; and who says, “I will reveal the like of what Allâh has revealed.”
And if you could but see when the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers) are in the agonies of death, while the angels are stretching forth their hands (saying): “Deliver your souls! This day you shall be recompensed with the torment of degradation because of what you used to utter against Allâh other than the truth. And you used to reject His Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations etc.) with disrespect!” (93) [An-naam]
And if you could see when the angels take away the souls of those who disbelieve (at death), they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): “Taste the punishment of the blazing Fire.” (50) “This is because of that which your hands had forwarded. And verily, Allâh is not unjust to His slaves.” (51) [An-nfal]

3. The Day of Judgment, The HOUR had come:

When the sun is wound round and lost its light (is lost and is overthrown)[]. (1)
And when the stars fall; (2)
And when the mountains are made to pass away; (3)
And when the pregnant she-camels are be neglected; (4)
And when the wild beasts are gathered together; (5)
And when the seas become as blazing Fire or overflow; (6)
And when the souls are joined with their bodies (the good with the good and bad with the bad). (7)
And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) is questioned.[] (8) For what sin was she killed? (9)
And when the (written) pages [of deeds (good and bad) of every person] are laid open; (10)
And when the heaven is stripped off and taken away from its place; (11)
And when Hell-fire is set ablaze. (12)
And when Paradise is brought near, (13)
(Then) every person will know what he has brought (of good and evil). (14)

4. The time when bodies are resurrected and gathered together.

And the Trumpet will be blown (i.e. the second blowing) and behold from the graves they will come out quickly to their Lord. (51)
They will say: “Woe to us! Who has raised us up from our place of sleep.” (It will be said to them): “This is what the Most Gracious (Allâh) had promised, and the Messengers spoke truth!” (52)
It will be but a single Saihah (shout), so behold! They will all be brought up before Us! (53)
This Day (Day of Resurrection), none will be wronged in anything, nor will you be requited anything except that which you used to do. (54) [Ya-seen]
(O Muhammad SAW) withdraw from them. The Day that the caller will call (them) to a terrible thing. (6)
They will come forth, with humbled eyes from (their) graves as if they were locusts spread abroad, (7)
Hastening towards The caller, the disbelievers will say: “This is a hard Day.” (8) [Kamar]

5. The time when hell is been dragged to the gathering land and all people see it and hear its horrible voices.

Nay! When the earth is ground to powder, (21) And your Lord comes with the angels in rows, (22)
And Hell will be brought near that Day. On that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance (then) avail him? (23)
He will say: “Alas! Would that I had sent forth (good deeds) for (this) my life!” (24) So on that Day, none will punish as He will punish (25)
And none will bind (the wicked, disbelivers and polytheists) as He will bind. (26) [Al-Fajer]

6. The Day of Judgment, what also called: the Day of Blaming started, each one will blame each others, and they will blame Satan and he will reply to them

This is a troop entering with you (in Hell), no welcome for them! Verily, they shall burn in the Fire! (59) (The followers of the misleaders will say): “Nay, you (too)! No welcome for you! It is you (misleaders) who brought this upon us (because you misled us in the world), so evil is this place to stay in!” (60) They will say: “Our Lord! Whoever brought this upon us, add to him a double torment in the Fire!” (61) [Saad]

(Allah will say to the angels): “Both of you throw into Hell, every stubborn disbeliever (in the Oneness of Allâh, in His Messengers) — (24) “Hinderer of good, transgressor, doubter, (25) “Who set up another ilâh (god) with Allâh, Then both of you cast him in the severe torment.” (26) His companion (Satan — devil)] will say: “Our Lord! I did not push him to transgression, (in disbelief, oppression, and evil deeds) but he was himself in error far astray.” (27)
Allâh will say: “Dispute not in front of Me, I had already, in advance, sent you the threat. (28)
The Sentence that comes from Me cannot be changed, and I am not unjust to the slaves.” (29)
On the Day when We will say to Hell: “Are you filled?” It will say: “Are there any more (to come)?”(30)

(Allâh) will say: “Enter you in the company of nations who passed away before you, of men and jinn, into the Fire.” Every time a new nation enters, it curses its sister nation (that went before), until they will be gathered all together in the Fire. The last of them will say to the first of them: “Our Lord! These misled us, so give them a double torment of the Fire.” He will say: “For each one there is double (torment), but you know not.” (38)
The first of them will say to the last of them: “You were not better than us, so taste the torment for what you used to earn.” (39)
Verily, those who belie Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations) and treat them with arrogance, for them the gates of heaven will not be opened, and they will not enter Paradise until the camel goes through the eye of the needle (which is impossible). Thus do We recompense the Mujrimûn (criminals, polytheists, and sinners). (40) Theirs will be a bed of Hell (Fire), and over them coverings (of Hell-fire). Thus do We recompense the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers). (41) [Aaraaf]

And they all shall appear before Allâh (on the Day of Resurrection) then the weak will say to those who were arrogant (chiefs): “Verily, we were following you; can you avail us anything against Allâh’s Torment?” They will say: “Had Allâh guided us, we would have guided you. It makes no difference to us (now) whether we rage, or bear (these torments) with patience, there is no place of refuge for us.” (21)

And Shaitân (Satan) will say when the matter has been decided: “Verily, Allâh promised you a promise of truth. And I too promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you, so you responded to me. So blame me not, but blame yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me (Satan) as a partner with Allâh (by obeying me in the life of the world). Verily, there is a painful torment for the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers).” (22) [Ibrahim]

7. When Almighty God asks Jesus in front of all human kind, if you said to people to worship himself (Jesus), where he denies completely, and says if you want to torture them (Christians) they are your slaves.

And (remember) when Allâh will say (on the Day of Resurrection): “O ‘Īsā (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Did you say unto men: ‘Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allâh?’ ” He will say: “Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner-self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All-Knower of all that is hidden (and unseen). (116)
“Never did I say to them aught except what You (Allâh) did command me to say: ‘Worship Allâh, my Lord and your Lord.’ And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them, but when You took me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are a Witness to all things. (This is a great admonition and warning to the Christians of the whole world). (117)
“If You punish them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, verily You, only You are the All¬Mighty, the All¬Wise.” (118) [Al-Maaeda]

8. When the un-believers fell into deep sorrow and sadness for the chances that they discard in their life before.

Verily, We have warned you of a near torment — the Day when man will see that (the deeds) which his hands have sent forth, and the disbeliever will say: “Woe to me! Would that I were dust!” (40) [an-naba]

On the Day they will see the angels,— no glad tidings will there be for the Mujrimûn (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners) that day. And they (angels) will say: “All kinds of glad tidings are forbidden to you,” [none will be allowed to enter Paradise except the one who said: Lâ ilâha ill-allâh, "(none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh) and acted practically on its legal orders and obligations. [See the foot note of v.2:193] (22)
And We shall turn to whatever deeds they (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners) did, and We shall make such deeds as scattered floating particles of dust. (23)
The dwellers of Paradise (i.e. those who deserved it through their Islamic Monotheistic Faith and their deed of righteousness) will, on that Day, have the best abode, and have the fairest of places for repose. (24) And (remember) the Day when the heaven shall be rent asunder with clouds, and the angels will be sent down, with a grand descending. (25)
The sovereignty on that Day will be the true (sovereignty), belonging to the Most Gracious (Allâh), and it will be a hard Day for the disbelievers (those who disbelieve in the Oneness of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism). (26)
And (remember) the Day when the Zâlim (wrong-doer, oppressor, polytheist) will bite at his hands, he will say: “Oh! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger ( Muhammad SAW). (27)
“Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as a Khalil (an intimate friend)! (28) “He indeed led me astray from the Reminder (this Qur’ân) after it had come to me. And Shaitân (Satan) is to man ever a deserter in the hour of need.” (29) [Al-Furkan]

9. When they’ve been dragged to Hells’ gates, and its guardians saw them and open the doors so they been thrown on their faces inside. When Hell guardians ask them why you didn’t follow the messengers of God.

And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will swoon away, except him whom Allâh wills. Then it will blown a second time and behold, they will be standing, looking on (waiting). (68)
And the earth will shine with the light of its Lord (Allâh, when He will come to judge among men) and the Book will be placed (open) and the Prophets and the witnesses will be brought forward, and it will be judged between them with truth, and they will not be wronged. (69)
And each person will be paid in full of what he did; and He is Best Aware of what they do. (70)
And those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell in groups, till, when they reach it, the gates thereof will be opened (suddenly like a prison at the arrival of the prisoners). And its keepers will say, “Did not the Messengers come to you from yourselves, reciting to you the Verses of your Lord, and warning you of the Meeting of this Day of yours?” They will say: “Yes, but the Word of torment has been justified against the disbelievers!” (71)
It will be said (to them): “Enter you the gates of Hell, to abide therein. And (indeed) what an evil abode of the arrogant!” (72) [Al-Zumar]

And for those who disbelieve in their Lord (Allâh) is the torment of Hell, and worst indeed is that destination (6) When they are cast therein, they will hear the (terrible) drawing in of its breath as it blazes forth (7)

It almost bursts up with fury. Every time a group is cast therein, its keeper will ask: “Did no warner come to you?” (8) They will say: “Yes indeed a warner did come to us, but we belied him and said: ‘Allâh never sent down anything (of revelation), you are only in great error.’” (9)

And they will say: “Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we would not have been among the dwellers of the blazing Fire!” (10) Then they will confess their sin. So, away with the dwellers of the blazing Fire (11) [Al-Mulk]

Nay, but the Hour is their appointed time (for their full recompense), and the Hour will be more grievous and more bitter. (46) Verily, the Mujrimûn (polytheists, disbelievers, sinners, criminals) are in error (in this world) and will burn (in the Hell-fire in the Hereafter). (47)
The Day they will be dragged on their faces into the Fire (it will be said to them): “Taste you the touch of Hell!”[] (48) [Kamar]

10. How they will dwell in Hell in a very miserable life and full of unbearable pain.

The Day when the Trumpet will be blown, and you shall come forth in crowds (groups after groups). (18) And the heaven shall be opened, and it will become as gates, (19)
And the mountains shall be moved away from their places and they will be as if they were a mirage. (20)
Truly, Hell is a place of ambush — (21)
A dwelling place for the Tâghûn (those who transgress the boundry limits set by Allâh like polytheists, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh, hyprocrites, sinners, criminals), (22) They will abide therein for ages, (23)
Nothing cool shall they taste therein, nor any drink. (24) Except boiling water, and dirty wound discharges — (25) An exact recompense (according to their evil crimes) (26) For verily, they used not to look for a reckoning. (27)
But they belied Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, and that which Our Prophet SAW brought) completely. (28) And all things We have recorded in a Book. (29)
So taste you (the results of your evil actions); No increase shall We give you, except in torment. [An-naba]

And those on the Left Hand how (unfortunate) will be those on the Left Hand? (41)
In fierce hot wind and boiling water. (42)
And shadow of black smoke. (43)
(That shadow) neither cool, nor (even) pleasant, (44)
Verily, before that, they indulged in luxury, (45)
And were persisting in great sin (joining partners in worship along with Allâh, committing murder and other crimes).[] (46)
And they used to say: “When we die and become dust and bones, shall we then indeed be resurrected? (47)
“And also our forefathers?” (48)
Say (O Muhammad SAW): “(Yes) verily, those of old, and those of later times. (49)
“All will surely be gathered together for appointed Meeting of a known Day. (50)
“Then moreover, verily, you the erring-ones, the deniers (of Resurrection)! (51)
“You verily will eat of the trees of Zaqqûm. (52)
“Then you will fill your bellies therewith, (53)

“And drink boiling water on top of it. (54)
“And you will drink (that) like thirsty camels!” (55)
That will be their entertainment on the Day of Recompense! (56) [Waqeaa]

Verily, the tree of Zaqqûm, (43) Will be the food of the sinners, (44) Like boiling oil, it will boil in the bellies, (45) Like the boiling of scalding water. (46) (It will be said) “Seize him and drag him into the midst of blazing Fire, (47)
“Then pour over his head the torment of boiling water, (48) “Taste you (this)! Verily, you were (pretending to be) the mighty, the generous! (49) “Verily, this is that whereof you used to doubt!” (50) [Addukhan]

In the boiling water, then they will be burned in the Fire[]. (72) Then it will be said to them: “Where are (all) those whom you used to join in worship as partners[]. (73) “Besides Allâh”? They will say: “They have vanished from us: Nay, we did not invoke (worship) anything before.” Thus Allâh leads astray the disbelievers.(74)
That was because you had been exulting in the earth without any right (by worshipping others instead of Allâh and by committing crimes), and that you used to rejoice extremely (in your error). (75) Enter the gates of Hell to abide therein, and (indeed) what an evil abode of the arrogant! (76) [Ghafer]
On the Day when the earth will be changed to another earth and so will be the heavens, and they (all creatures) will appear before Allâh, the One, the Irresistible. (48)
And you will see the Mujrimûn (criminals, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh — Islâmic Monotheism, polytheists) that Day Muqarranûn (bound together) in fetters. (49)Their garments will be of pitch, and fire will cover their faces. (50)That Allâh may requite each person according to what he has earned. Truly, Allâh is Swift at reckoning. (51) [Ibrahim]

Is that (Paradise) better entertainment or the tree of Zaqqûm (a horrible tree in Hell)? (62)
Truly We have made it (as) a trail for the Zâlimûn (polytheists, disbelievers, wrong-doers). (63)
Verily, it is a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell-fire, (64)
The shoots of its fruit-stalks are like the heads of Shayâtin (devils); (65)
Truly, they will eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith. (66)
Then on the top of that they will be given boiling water to drink so that it becomes a mixture (of boiling water and Zaqqûm in their bellies). (67)Then thereafter, verily, their return is to the flaming fire of Hell. (68) [Saafat]

11. When they stay in Hell for long time, and ask their leaders to take some of the pain, then ask the guardians of hell, then ask “Malek” the chief of Hell to reduce the pain and torturing.

And, when they will dispute in the Fire, the weak will say to those who were arrogant;”Verily! We followed you, can you then take from us some portion of the Fire?” (47)
Those who were arrogant will say: “We are all (together) in this (Fire)! Verily Allâh has judged between (His) slaves!” (48)
And those in the Fire will say to the keepers (angels) of Hell: “Call upon your Lord to lighten for us the torment for a day!” (49)
They will say: “Did there not come to you, your Messengers with (clear) evidences (and signs)? They will say: “Yes.” They will reply: “Then call (as you like)! And the invocation of the disbelievers is nothing but in vain (as it will not be answered by Allah)!” (50) [Ghafer]

Verily, the Mujrimûn (criminals, sinners, disbelievers) will be in the torment of Hell to abide therein forever. (74)
(The torment) will not be lightened for them, and they will be plunged into destruction with deep regrets, sorrows and in despair therein. (75)
We wronged them not, but they were the Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrong-doers). (76)
And they will cry: “O Malik (Keeper of Hell)! Let your Lord make an end of us.” He will say: “Verily you shall abide forever.” (77)
Indeed We have brought the truth (Muhammad SAW with the Qur’ân), to you, but most of you have a hatred for the truth. (78) [Zughruf]

12. When some of Paradise people go to its border near to hell, to look down and see how people of hell are suffering, who will ask them for some water or anything.

And the dwellers of the Fire will call to the dwellers of Paradise: “Pour on us some water or anything that Allâh has provided you with.” They will say: “Both (water and provision) Allâh has forbidden to the disbelievers.” (50)
“Who took their religion as an amusement and play, and the life of the world deceived them.” So this Day We shall forget them as they forgot their meeting of this Day, and as they used to reject Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations). (51) [Aaraf]

13. When one of Paradise man wishes to ask about his friend who was sent to hell and what he will say to him when he saw him.

Then they will turn to one another, mutually questioning. (50) A speaker of them will say: “Verily, I had a companion (in the world), (51)
Who used to say: “Are you among those who believe (in resurrection after death). (52) “(That) when we die and become dust and bones, shall we indeed (be raised up) to receive reward or punishment (according to our deeds)?” (53)
(The speaker) said: “Will you look down?” (54) So he looked down and saw him in the midst of the Fire. (55)
 He said: “By Allâh! You have nearly ruined me. (56)
“Had it not been for the Grace of my Lord, I would certainly have been among those brought forth (to Hell).” (57)
(The dwellers of Paradise will say): “Are we then not to die (any more)? (58) “Except our first death, and we shall not be punished? (after we have entered Paradise).” (59) Truly, this is the supreme success! (60) For the like of this let the workers work. (61) [Saafat]

14. After ages and ages of suffering, when people of hell ask God to get them out of hell as they can’t bear it any more.

Then, when the Trumpet is blown, there will be no kinship among them that Day, nor will they ask of one another. (101)
Then, those whose scales (of good deeds) are heavy, – these, they are the successful. (102)
And those whose scales (of good deeds) are light, they are those who lose their ownselves, in Hell will they abide. (103)
The Fire will burn their faces, and therein they will grin, with displaced lips (disfigured). (104)
“Were not My Verses (this Qur’ân) recited to you, and then you used to deny them?” (105)
They will say: “Our Lord! Our wretchedness overcame us, and we were (an) erring people. (106)
 “Our Lord! Bring us out of this; if ever we return (to evil), then indeed we shall be Zâlimûn: (polytheists, oppressors, unjust, and wrong-doers).” (107)
He (Allâh) will say: “Remain you in it with ignominy! And speak you not to Me!” (108)
Verily! there was a party of My slaves, who used to say: “Our Lord! We believe, so forgive us, and have mercy on us, for You are the Best of all who show mercy!” (109)
But you took them for a laughingstock, so much so that they made you forget My Remembrance while you used to laugh at them! (110)
Verily! I have rewarded them this Day for their patience, they are indeed the ones that are successful. (111)
He (Allâh) will say: “What number of years did you stay on earth?” (112)
They will say: “We stayed a day or part of a day. Ask of those who keep account.” (113)

He (Allâh) will say: “You stayed not but a little, if you had only known! (114)
“Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us?” (115)
So Exalted is Allâh, the True King, Lâ ilâha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), the Lord of the Supreme Throne! (116)
And whoever invokes (or worships), besides Allâh, any other ilâh (god), of whom he has no proof, then his reckoning is only with his Lord. Surely! Al-Kâfirûn (the disbelievers in Allâh and in the Oneness of Allâh, polytheists, pagans, idolaters) will not be successful (117)
And say (O Muhammad SAW): “My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for You are the Best of those who show mercy!” (118) [Al-Momnoun]

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