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Debate on Christian sites over Islam (6) – debate with Arab Priest, Muslim Women right, Polygamy, Marrying little girls, Marrying Slaves women, Beating women, Hijab, Neqaab, Islam Belief, Taqiyah..

About the Prophets Role on the Day of Judgement

Dear (Arab Priest),

Don’t worry about the prophets, they will NOT be judged on the Day of Judgment, they will be witnesses on their people. Allah said in Quran:

“And (remember) the Day when We shall raise up from every nation a witness against them from amongst themselves. And We shall bring you (O Muhammad SAW) as a witness against these. And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur'an) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Allâh as Muslims).” (An-Nahel:89)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us, that each prophet will come with his followers, some come alone means no body responded to them and to their messages, some come with 1 or 2 or few group, some come with huge number of people like Moses and Jesus (PBUH), but when prophet Muhammad (PBUH) comes with his followers (Ummah), they will cover all the horizon we will be the last but the first of the nations to sit for the judgment,

Each prophet will be asked and his people if he did delivered his message, some will lie and say NO he didn’t to save themselves from the Hell, but Mighty God will ask the prophet who witnesses for you, he will said: “Prophet Muhammad and his people”, and we will witness with him saying: “Yes he has delivered his message but his people didn’t follow him”.

Tell the question reaches Jesus (PBUH) which is mentioned in Quran, I will be pasted to you below to read it carefully.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) give us example why we will be the last nation and the most people to be rewarded is like: a farmer who asked workers to work on his farm since the morning and to give them 1 Dinar for their work each, then at noon he asked other team or workers, then afternoon he asked other team, and when day ends he gave each team 1 dinar but the last team he gave them 2 Dinars “because they finished the work completely”, when the first teams asked why we worked more but get less paid, he replied to him didn’t I agree with you from the beginning on 1 Dinar, and I gave you what I promised for you. Prophet Muhammad commented on this, that the first group were the Jews, then the Christians, then the last will be the Muslims.

The question of Jesus (PBUH) is mentioned in Maa’eda:

And (remember) when Allâh will say (on the Day of Resurrection): "O 'Īsā (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Did you say unto men: 'Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allâh?' " He will say: "Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner-self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All-Knower of all that is hidden (and unseen). (116)
"Never did I say to them aught except what You (Allâh) did command me to say: 'Worship Allâh, my Lord and your Lord.' And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them, but when You took me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are a Witness to all things. (This is a great admonition and warning to the Christians of the whole world). (117)
"If You punish them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, verily You, only You are the All¬Mighty, the All¬Wise[]." (118)
Allâh will say: "This is a Day on which the truthful will profit from their truth: theirs are Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise) - they shall abide therein forever. Allâh is pleased with them and they with Him. That is the great success (Paradise). (119)
To Allâh belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is therein, and He is Able to do all things. (120) [Al-Maa’eda]

Muslim Women Rights


There are 2 ways to check it about Muslim Woman rights, whether to READ or MEET…

I pasted many links to articles which can show you, just login and read one of them, if you don’t believe them too, then go to second way: go and meet a very simple muslim family, or go to a muslim gathering or enter a mosque or any Islamic center and ask any married muslim woman how does her husband treat her? 

A - Polygamy in Islam:

Yes it’s allowed to muslims but with very strict conditions, the man must be fair and just with all his wives, and it’s for 4 wives maximum, but it’s very rarely to find that in muslims society, I found some percentages of 3 – 5% max who may marry 2 wives, especially that first wife must agree otherwise he will have a lot of troubles, and also he must have the capacity to fulfill all their needs (i.e. financially)…

Some reasons why some muslims may need to marry more than one, such as:
  • a business man who is always traveling and have to stay long time in different places, (some may cheat as you do usually, muslim marry and take his wife with him)
  • or someone who wants children and can’t get from his first wife,
  • or his wife is much older than him or weak or too sick and needs someone to watch him and the kids, 
  • one of his brothers  relatives died and left little children that need someone to care for them and someone closer to their father so they don’t feel him like a stranger,
All these reasons give the man the right to marry another woman in Islam.

Majority of the cases show the second wife is a widow or a divorced women and sometimes have children, like prophet Muhammad, 8/9 of his wives were divorced or widows of his dead companions, and it was asked by God to marry them not by him, he can’t divorced them or change anyone, knowing that (technically) a muslim can marry and divorce if he wants so, but for prophet he was commended to do so:

“It is not lawful for you (to marry other) women after this, nor to change them for other wives even though their beauty attracts you” [Al-Ahzab 52]

Refer also to polygamy in bible and in Islam

B- About Raping !!

If you mean a stranger woman, then it has death penalty.

But if you mean a wife, Prophet Muhammad had taught us of what you can call “Sexual knowledge” …

Few weeks ago, I was reading a book that you may know: “Women from Venus and Men from Mars” I read many chapters then I left it, I discovered that most of author findings, we have them already in Islam, I paste to you one Hadith to make sure, and below is a link to a very nice article that teach what does sex mean in Islam, read it very nice:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "Not one of you should fall upon his wife like an animal; but let there first be a messenger between you."
“And what is that messenger?" they asked, and he replied: "Kisses and words." (Daylami)

Article: Turning Sex Into Sadaqa “good deed”:

C - Marrying little girls:

Yes it exists in some societies, but not young as 7 as you said mostly teenagers, but it’s left to traditions and law with conditions that both the pride and groom must be physically, socially and financially capable to marry.

For your information, our average marriage age in our region is 31 years old for woman and 36 for men, if you are interested more read the following report on marriage in the Arab world, you will notice that less than 1% of married women only in some countries are younger than 19%.

About Prophet Muhammad marring the small girl “Aicha”, it’s one of the historical mistakes about Islam, Aisha was one of the earliest muslims 13 years before going to Madina, she was married to prophet Muhammad 2 years later and after the battle of “Bader” where she participated as a nurse treating wounded muslims, and she was engaged to someone before Prophet Muhammad, knowing that he forbidden the teenagers boys to participate in the battle if there are younger than 16, so how come Aicha was nursing there and she was 9 years only, it is impossible !!!..

All recent studies show that she was between 15-18 when she married by the prophet and to check it by yourself, and how many Islamic scholars proved it later on, search for “ عائشة بنت أبي بكر“ in Wikipedia, then translate the page on google to English and read the argument.
Also, to close this point, there is no single verse in Quran or any hadith, that states that age of the woman or girl to be married must be so young, it’s left to traditions or laws of each country...

Slaves Marrying

About slaves marrying, whenever a muslim marries a salve woman, she becomes free immediately and a wife like other woman, and prophet did this to release a compete Arab and Jewish tripes in 2 different occasions from being captured by the muslims, and to release them in very gentle way he married these 2 women who both of them where daughters of chief of their tripe, then all muslims said that those people become relatives to the prophet so they released them for free. 

Just a small comparison, Haroun Al-Rashid was an Abbasi Caliph who had 2 sons from salves women, both of them were the greatest of their times the Maamoun who commanded to translated all sciences books from Greek and Roman to Arabic and launched a scientific revolution in the Islamic world and his brother the Moatasem who also was one of the strongest, this was on between 813-833 AD.

Let’s see Thomas Jeferson the 3rd American president who had a slave woman, and couldn’t confess to any one that she is his wife and to set her and her children for free until he died, and he sold some of his children too, imagine that it was on 1800’s, which 1000’s years behind muslims. (I saw the movie, it was a very sad story, I read it was a sister of his first wife too, which is forbidden in all religions, Jewish and Islam, till he divorce one before marrying the other or if someone dies before).

But all slavery issue is from the past now, muslims kept freeing people because it’s a good deed and an act that God’s loves, so slavery vanished centuries in the East before the west did the same.



I don’t know from where did you get these photos, and whether these women are muslims or not, and how they were injured by accident or what!! but even though, in Islam law if someone did to them that he will be punished for sure, eye for eye, ear for ear,..

Taqyia in Islam, means to lie if you were captured by enemies in order to save your soul (worldwide military law), but not to lie in your believes, despite that when first muslims were in danger they didn’t lie and use Taqiya and they preferred to be tortured and feel sever pain and not to return from their believes.

Below is a link to a part of “The message” movie in English, where it shows Bilal a black muslim slave who refused to say one good word for the Idols of Makah and suffered from torturing and whipping on the hot desert of Makkah.

the message the story of Islam , the true islam 3-19

the message the story of Islam , the true islam 4-19

see it all if you want, it’s very nice movie..

About Beating Woman in Islam,

First you must understand that each command in Quran like pray or fasting or Hajj (pilgrimage), all are listed shortly in Quran, but their conditions, constraints, practices, etc… must be taken from prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who detailed everything for us.
So read the following hadiths about the beating, (PBUH) said:

"Do not beat the female servants of Allah";
"Some (women) visited my family complaining about their husbands (beating them). These (husbands) are not the best of you."
“How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel and then he may embrace (sleep with) her end of the day?”
"Prophet Muhammad never hit a wife or a servant in his entire life, only [an enemy] in a battle field" said Aicha

All these give rules that beating must be very gentle, and it comes after discussion with her, then in 2nd level avoiding her in bed, then in 3rd stage beating her if you reach this level, but how?
Muslim scholars put the following conditions:
  • not to leave a mark on skin (red nor blue),
  • not to break a bone for sure,
  • not to make a wound,
  • and not to hit the face,
So imagine if you want to beat her, then where you can satisfy all these conditions, except on one place, on her back “hi…” which I think after 2 minutes they will be on bed making love and the problem between them will be solved.

Listening to Quran

Thanks ALLAH, he gave us something much better, it’s the Quran, something you really calm and feel peace when listen to ALLAH words.
I pasted below links for different readings of small chapter in Quran called Al-Insan “The Man”, listen and praise God…

Hijab and Niqaab

Dear Sister,

Read the articles that I pasted for you if you want to know, or meet a muslim women, and I pasted a link to a nice lecture by Khaled Yassin “Muslim Women have no rights !!!” from youtube, you will like it..

About the colors of clothes, it’s not necessary to be black, each country has different traditions, in Gulf it’s black, in north Africa its white, in Africa it’s colored, in Asia it's blue, in the above photos in Britain they seem very modern, and so on…

About covering the face, it’s not mandatory in Islam, but in desert places they used to cover their faces because of Sandy wind blow in their faces which is not good for their skin, (you can see that in all safari films men and woman cover their faces), the same if you are in a cold country you cover your face because of icy winds…

It’s important not to forget mothers rights in Islam which one of the greatest values of Islam:
In a Hadith, a  young man came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wants to join him to go to war, prophet (PBUH) asked him: “Do you have a mother?”, and it seems he knew that he is an only son to his mother, the young man said: “yes”, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “stick to her feet, there will be the paradise” means dedicate your life in serving your mother.

Sheikh Khalid Yassin - Muslim woman have no rights? Must See 


Islam Beliefs

Dear our Christians Friends,

Please find below a translated version of Islamic Beliefs (Aqeidah, Doctrine), knowing that each phrase is taken from a verse of Quran, or prophet’s Hadith (saying), or great Muslim scholars.
Hope that you can read it carefully, and copy it on a document and keep it for you, in case you want to argue, discuss or even blame a Muslim, then you can use it for your reference, also you can compare it with your Beliefs.


In the Name of God,
Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Islamic Belief

Is the faith in
Allah [Almighty God], His angels, His revealed books, His Messengers and his Prophets, the Predestination, the Hour [Day of Judgment], the gathering of bodies, that the re-creation will be as its origination, the Reckoning, the Balance, then the eternal life in Heaven or in Hell, and that the entry of paradise is because of the grace of Allah.

And that Islam is built on: the testimony [Shada] that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing prayer, paying Zakat [yearly charity], fasting [month of] Ramadan, and performing Hajj to whom can afford it.

And that this world has been found after nullity and his creator is Allah (may He be Glorified and Exalted), and that He verily exists from ancientness [He is the First], persists, he is contrary to events [He begets not, nor was He begotten], and has Independence [means does not need for place], Oneness, Life, knowledge, Ability, Will, Hearing, Sight, Speech. And he is Alive, All-Knowing, All-Able, knows, hears, sees and talks [the words of old], and if he wants something, he says “To Be”, then it is.

And it is impossible about himself having the inverse of such perfect attributes, and can’t be described by a dimension, essence, body, color, nor a smell and he is not like any creation and there is nothing like him ever. And we do not speak or think in his fundamental nature, and there is nothing impossible with him, who may wish to do it or not. And we don’t argue in the Spirit, not to agree with the Cytoplasm (i.e. classical elements theory). And the Faith of Despair does not benefit [just before death].

And that Allah (may He be Glorified and Exalted) has many prophets whom the first is Adam and the last is Muhammad, peace be upon them all, and he who granted them with miracles and signs, and they must have infallibility and truthfulness, honesty and impossible for them the inverse, and there were not any Prophet who has an offensive disability ever, and that Allah’s salves [Humans] have real gain of movement and stillness because of His will, knowledge, and predestine.

And that the people of confession [Christians and Jews living among Muslims] get what Muslims get [of benefits], and they have to afford what Muslims have to afford [of dues], and that who dies is dead because of his time [age] end, and retribution for the offense [in case of killing], and we do not rebel on our governors, although they maybe injustice, nor take off hand from their obedience, and see it’s an ordinance to obey them if they obey Allah's orders, and we say that Imam [i.e. governor] should be set on the nation if there is no one left [i.e. died, quit, his period ends].

And we avoid mentioning the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, except for good, and confirm the succession after the Prophet, peace be upon him, is for Abu Baker, then Omar, then Othman, then Ali, and they are the Rightly Guided Caliphs, may Allah be pleased them all, and prefer the two Sheikhs [i.e. Abu Baker and Omar], and we love the Sons-of-Law [i.e. Othman and Ali], and absolve Aisha [prophet’s wife] from the slander, and do not go into what went on among the companions, as it was reasoning.

And we avoid: disbelief, polytheism, adultery, obscenity, drinking alcohol even the minimum [drop] and every intoxicant and not to accompany who’s having it. And theft, murder unlawfully, false-testimony, perjury, and running away from the battlefield without an excuse, taking usury, and eating the wealth of the orphan.

And we avoid: disobeying one's parents and not being compassionate to them, cutting the uterus [avoid one’s relatives], lying, especially on the Prophet [referring to him what he never said], peace be upon him, and breaking the fasting [during Ramadan day] deliberately with no excuse. And false weighing [i.e. cheating in balance, to reduce its weight but keeping its price]. And delaying or advancing a prayer from its time, and leaving one of the pillars of Islam. And the despair of the mercy of Allah, and [feeling of] safety from penalty [to believe he will be forgiven whatever may do]. And eating the dead meat [cattle not slaughtered], and swine unless being forced to.

And we avoid: Backbiting, gossiping, gambling and extravagance, seeking on Earth by corruption and banditry, and addiction to trivial things [bad deeds], helping to sin and recommending them, and uncover one’s parts [i.e. pelvic region] in the presence of others or alone without excuse.

And we avoid: committing suicide or destruction of one’s organs, disbelieving in fate, the treachery of the people and cheating them, the ratification of a prediction of foreteller or astrologist, and slaughtering of animals for the name of a creature, and promoting of a misdeed, and killing or hunting in the sacred city [of Mecca], spying and insults, especially saying to a Muslim: “O infidel”. And we don’t dismiss [a muslim] because of guilt or sin freely committed, and not to say a sin does not require penalty with one’s faith.

And we avoid: entering others house without their permission, grabbing people’s money and taking bribes, looking at the prohibited [nude], and being alone and privately with a stranger [woman]. And slandering as saying to someone: “O licentious” and cursing others, even an animal. And satirizing and peeking into people's homes. And abandonment [other Muslim] over three days and frequent quarrel without knowledge. And wearing silk dress except for children [and women of course], and the monopoly of sustenance.

And we avoid: selling during Friday’s prayer, and the separation between a mother and her children [woman or any female animal]. And eating ruined food. And avoid having blood or other impurities in someone’s body, clothing and place, nor eating, drinking, touching or using them. And causing damage to creatures, even by a blinking. And praying in front of an image [or statue]. And using food and serving implements made from gold or silver. And kissing someone with a desire [except spouse].

And we avoid: discontinuing of worship, leaving Friday’s prayer and the group [of Muslims] with no excuse. And eating over satiety, having bad thought [of others], envy, arrogance, self-esteem and pretending. And talking during Friday’s prayer speech and during Koran reciting. And promise breaking, and deposit treason [not returning it to its owner], and to engage in any falsehood argument [useless]. And disclosure of secrets. And occupying [or blocking] people’s road for selling or anything else, and breaking a legal covenant, intolerance, and hypocrisy.

And we consider wiping [by hand] over the socks [instead of feet washing in ablution, with conditions], and charity is highly desirable. The prayer and supplication to Allah is required, and it’s beneficial for the living and dead [Muslims].

O Allah, make us among who you guided them to the straight path.
Praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

By Sheikh Hamza Mahmoud
(Former Mufti of Damascus)
May God have mercy on his soul.

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